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The Harbour Group is facing a number of challenges at the present time. A combination of factors are causing us to have a major think about the future. The serious storm damage that occured in December 2013 has without doubt been a setback. Take a look at our Minute of the committee meeting held in March for more information click here


Minutes of the meeting dated 24th February 2015



Press Release from Portgordon Community Harbour Group

The result of a Community Questionnaire on the future of Portgordon Harbour, carried-out in December last year was a resounding 83% in favour of repairing the harbour and developing it for the use of leisure craft and fishing vessels; including the installation of pontoons, electricity, running water, toilet facilities and a heritage site with landscaping and picnic area.

This is an overwhelming consensus of support for our group’s aspirations for the harbour and more importantly the whole village.

As we move toward further discussions with Crown Estate in relation to future management and development of the harbour, we are seeking additional (village) members interested in the exciting challenges that lay ahead for Portgordon as we attempt to realise the full potential of this great community asset.

You do not have to have an interest in boats or the sea to be a member. We want people (young and old) with a passion for community who have a desire to see Portgordon flourish; for our children and our children’s children.

Please call 01542 489061 for details.

Colin Hanover

Vice Chairman & Director PCHG Ltd



Communication from the Crown Estate.


Thank you for accommodating Smiths Gore, the Engineers and contractors yesterday evening [PCHG Committee Meeting 24 Feb 15]. To confirm our discussions;

1.       The contractors will reduce the level of shingle around the east pier and at the entrance to the harbour to that of the time of tendering. I should be careful to note that this will dependant on weather conditions and therefore the ability of the contractors to extract enough shingle to reduce the level to the agreed point within the period of the contract. If the weather is reasonable then this should not be an issue.

2.       The Crown Estate workforce will, in due course, excavate the build up of shingle which has gathered in the harbour and on the slipway during the works. This will not involve dredging of the harbour but should make an aesthetic improvement.

3.       Following yesterday evenings discussions the contractors will be considering with The Crown Estate the justifications and associated costs for removing material from the western port hole. You will appreciate that it was previously the view of the PCHG that this would not be beneficial for the harbour and therefore the work had not been scoped or costed. We will revert to you on this point.

Kind regards




 Photo by John Gardiner

History of Portgordon harbour

The harbour dates from 1797 and was originally constructed with wooden piers. Between 1870 and 1874 it was pretty much rebuilt and became a very successful fishing port

In 1947 the Crown Commissioners closed the harbour because the decline in fishing meant it was no longer viable. As a closed harbour there was no maintenance carried out and after years of neglect the weather took its toll on the structure.

In the 1980's a team of Gurkhas (69th Gurkha Independant Field Squadron) were deployed to carry out repairs on the structure and many in the village feel this was yet another famous, though unsung, victory for these remarkable fighting men - in fact they made a further two visits in the eighties and left the harbour in a good state of repair.

The Gurkhas will never be forgotten for they, many thousands of miles from their homeland, worked hard and allowed the village to preserve something that would otherwise be a ruin and of little use to anyone. Read more about the Gurkhas

There are moves afoot to regenerate the harbour and create a marina  to bring something that will it is hoped, breathe new life into the village. The forming of a group in 2003 under the banner of Portgordon Community Harbour Group has paved the way for the future

Come and join us and help us make Portgordon the Jewel in the Crown of the Moray Firth.

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