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Committee Meeting, Tuesday 24th February 2015


These minutes are not verbatim and are intended as a summary of what was said and by whom.

In attendance:

Lee Brown (Chairman)

Colin Hanover (Vice-Chairman/Director)

Derek Murray (Director)

Kay Griffin (Lampie Hoose)

Keith Whittaker (Web Manager)

William Hawes (SmithsGore)

Scott Laurie (Engineering Manager-Aberdeen Marine)

Alex Scott (Design Engineer-Wallace Stone)

Dougie Mills (Site Foreman-Aberdeen Marine)

Caroline Webster (SmithsGore)

David Kippen




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Johnny Dunbar






1 Minutes of previous meetings:    
  The chairman asked for the acceptance of the minutes of meetings held on 9th December 2014. These were approved by Kay Griffin and seconded by Colin Hanover.    
2 Meeting with SmithsGore:    
  The Chairman reported on a meeting between the Directors of the group and himself, and William Hawes, in Fochabers on Monday 26th January 2015, during which the result of the Community Questionnaire, progress on the East Pier, and plans to move shingle from the harbour, were discussed. Also it was made clear by William Hawes that following the completion of work on the East Pier, the harbour would remain closed for the foreseeable future, and until further notice.    
PCHG Minutes 24/02/2015   Page 1
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3 Crown Estate (SmithsGore) Harbour Works Update:    




























William Hawes brought with him representatives from the companies carrying-out the work on the East Pier to discuss progress and what’s intended, regarding removal of the shingle from the harbour. There was some discussion and questions were asked and answered.

David Kippen raised the issue about clearing the tunnel in the west pier of the shingle washed round when the sea breeched the east pier. Some discussion ensued as to whether or not the accumulated shingle on the west side was due to the works being carried out or natural currents. William Hawes indicated that it would be the responsibility of Moray Council to move it.

David also asked what was to become of the sandstone blocks removed from the east pier; given that they were supposed to have been used to face-off the pier which has now been constructed entirely of concrete, leaving the blocks redundant.

It was agreed that they could remain available to whoever manages the harbour in the future. However, William Hawes said that for security (and safety) reasons he would arrange for them to be relocated to a secure location in the meantime.

Derek Murray asked if there were plans to infill and grout areas of common concern around the harbour, to protect the remaining parts in need of some care. William Hawes replied in the negative. However, Dougie Mills (Aberdeen Marine) said that he and his work party will carry out some remedial work on the surface drainage of the central pier.

In conclusion, William Hawes said that the Crown Estate were committed to the outcome of the Community Consultation.

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Keith Whittaker gave an in-depth explanation about internetworking and how it affected our Web-Page. He then further explained what had happened over the last few months regarding the complicated process by which we have arrived at our present Web Page. This had involved many in-depth telephone conversations with people in America, Austria and the UK. The outcome of which is that our Web Page is once again up and running. Although much work is still needed to upgrade the site and to bring it up to where we want it.

Keith pledged to do the necessary work as soon as possible saying he will make a start this week-end. He also stressed the importance of registering the site in the group’s name and not that of an individual. Keith incurred £81.35 cost in the process And Derek said a cheque for this amount will be posted in the morning. Everyone thanked Keith for his efforts on our behalf. Our Web Page can be found at – or


The chairman said that we needed to take a good look at fundraising. Colin Hanover said that he felt that the Directors could perhaps take this on, in that a consolidated approach was needed in order to prioritise sources of funding to be approached and in tackling the difficult administrative process of applying for funding, not least in understanding and meeting any qualifying requirements. He said that while it is appreciated that three of the Directors (including himself) are in fulltime employment and one is in poor health, it none the less is a serious area of concern.

Derek Murray responded by saying that he was no longer in a position to help, because of his work situation. And that he was the Acting Treasurer purely as a temporary measure. He concluded by saying that as Bob Thomson worked away from home most of the time and was therefore not available, Colin was on his own!!!

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Colin Hanover responded by saying that we clearly do not have enough members with either the right acumen or the necessary time to take on positions such as Treasurer and Fundraising Co-ordination and that we seriously need to look for new members.

Colin further suggested that the group considers the possibility of an amalgamation with other groups within the village as a means to acquiring and maximising the correct skills needed for the group and the village as a whole to develop in the near future. The Chairman proposed that we put fundraising on the ‘back-burner’ for a while.


Derek Murray, as Acting Treasurer, gave a verbal update on the group’s bank accounts: Current Account: £4,878.01 (as at30/12/2014 and Gala Account: £2.000.00 (as at 29th September 2014. Derek also intimated that our accountant, Chris Banks of Garmouth, had dealt with HMRC regarding a penalty they had issued last year. This has now been resolved favourably. Derek concluded by reminding the group that he would be submitting our books for the end of the financial year inspection by our accountant.

Derek also brought to everyone’s attention that Alistair Farquhar, of Taylor’s Pharmacy in Buckie, currently the sponsor of our Web Page, would need to be asked if he wished to continue with his sponsorship. Colin Hanover said he would write to him.

Colin Hanover reported that having written to the Lord Lieutenant Claire Russell thanking her for her patronage and asking if she would continue as our Patron, he had received a cordial and favourable reply in the affirmative. He then proceeded to read the letter aloud.

There being no other competent business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

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