The Gurkha's unique challenge in PortgordonOriginal Plaque

In 1947 the Crown Commissioners closed Portgordon Harbour due to the decline in the fishing industry. A storm in 1953 damaged the structure and caused a breach of the northern breakwater

The harbour continued to decline until the Community Council decided something had to be done. Some time later, following collaboration with a number of bodies a solution was found and, in a  unique exercise, the Gurkha’s arrived on what was to be the first of three visits in consecutive years starting in 1985 to carry out substantial repairs and therefore save the harbour for future generations.

As a result of the Gurkha’s works, a plaque was placed on the north breakwater in recognition of this quite remarkable achievement.

The plaque is not readily seen by the passing public due to its placement on the north breakwater. In addition, it is suffering from the effects of its harsh environment. Portgordon Community Harbour Group considered moving and restoring the plaque, however the effects of corrosion might mean moving it could cause irreparable damage.

In view of the foregoing, the group has decided that a replica/replacement plaque should be considered to compliment the existing one  and sited close to the harbour notice board thus enabling everyone to see that the work done by the Gurkha’s all those years ago, is still very much appreciated and they are not forgotten

The group is currently costing a plaque and associated works

Site of the original Plaque

Here's the replica plaque

Replica Plaque

This plaque has been generously donated by Mr G Brown of MFV Solstice BF56

Please click here for more information on the contributions made by MFV Solstice


Positioning of the Plaque

We must mention the original intention had been to make the replica plaque from cast bronze. However, the decision has been taken that it should be a lighter material with less maintenance over the long term

colours will be a bronze background with black lettering

optional positions - we have opted for the one on the right

mock up positions


Update Jan 2014

Decision has been made and the agreed position is the right hand version. Plaque to be angled. It's now just a matter of getting the job done

Update July 2012
Sourcing a plaque has proved to be difficult, however we have now located an excellent firm that specialises in this type of work

There is some way to go with the project but at least things are on the move

Siting of the plaque has been on our minds and the Group would welcome thoughts from any party on the possible placement

Originally it was intended to attach the plaque vertically on the wall next to the harbour notice board. That would be the best way from a cost point of view

Siting the plaque on the vertical face of the wall means the top would be 44'' (111cm) from ground level and given the likely size of the plaque this could mean a person of average height would need to stoop in order to read it

A better option would be to build a plinth extending from the existing wall but in the same material with the top angled in such a way that reading the plaque would be much easier on the eye 

It really comes down to a matter of opinion and maybe cost as we seek input from members of the general public and local community as to which method would be best

Please remember at this stage nothing has yet been decided

Incidentally the latin phrase translates as

"We shall never forget"

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