various craft in the harbour

About craft using Portgordon Harbour 
After being abandoned by the Crown Commissioners in 1947 the harbour became something of aVarious boats haven for local boat owners, at least that’s what those with the memories tell us. Ever since those early days, and even now, the harbour has been used by locals. A number of craft moor within the confines of the harbour, several have been there for years and are a welcome sight 
Without boats the harbour would look rather gloomy and forlorn, as is the case when a place is deserted
There is no denying that craft moored within the harbour add to the vista enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The latter can often be seen having a chat with the boating fraternity and taking photographs at the same time. The boaters are a friendly lot and that’s a fact
When boats are being worked and entering or leaving the harbour it becomes an even more pleasant scene and adds life to the area
Approaching Portgordon HarbourThe boats tend to be locally owned and range from day boats to yachts and creel boats. All in all a fine mixture of craft and a pleasing sight for all
Children play around the harbour. It’s what children do. Nice to know there may be responsible people around (working on the boats) to give a feeling of security
The village is a fine place, though some may argue there is little going for it. Take away these boats and it will still be a fine village but with a perhaps more gloomy and depressing outlook
The harbour users certainly play a part in keeping the place alive. Let’s hope that one day the harbour will have more facilities and more boats because the demand is certainly there. That’s certainly the aim of Portgordon Community Harbour Group
Along the east quay


Harbour Users News/Information

Harbour Users have expressed concern about the untidy aspect on the centre pier with seemingly abandoned boats that may well pose a danger of injury, particularly to mischievous children.

This is fair comment and a cause for concern. The Harbour group does not own the harbour and cannot come along with an edict telling owners to be more responsible. However, the Group can and will make representation/s to Crown Properties (harbour owners) and The Moray Council (local authority) with a view to improving matters


A great pity that a once proud boat can be allowed to deteriorate in this way

Not likely to see the water again

Unlikely to ever sail again. Not in its present state anyway


Harbour users are making a significant contribution to harbour group meetings and their collective voices are a welcome asset as we all move to progress the aims of regeneration

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