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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group held on Tuesday 29th April 2014 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.

Present: D Murray (Chairman)   M Smith (Vice Chairman)   R Thomson (Secretary) K Griffin (Local Groups Representative) L Brown (Harbour Users Representative) W McIntosh (Director) C Hanover J Dunbar Councillor M Howe  

Welcome and Apologies:  DM welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted from R Billing and A McIntosh.

1. Minutes of previous meeting  (25/03/14)

The minutes of the previous meeting, which were recently circulated and posted on the website, were approved. 

2. Matters arising

Item 2. DM updated the group on the current situation with regards to the Endeavour.  The Crown Estate confirmed in an email dated 23/04/14 that they were still pursuing the owner to have the boat removed.  The Crown also confirmed that they would take action themselves if necessary and carry out the requested clean-up of the harbour area at the same time.  

Post meeting note – Following further safety issues with this boat, the Endeavour was finally uplifted and disposed of on 12/05/14. 

Item 8.3. DM confirmed that the local press coverage of the public meeting held on 25/02/14 had not commented on the ongoing use of the harbour by local boat owners.

3. Treasurers Report

Acting Treasurer DM confirmed that PCHG’s accounts had been submitted to C Banks Bookkeeping for checking and submission to Companies House and OSCR.

Payment of the £13.00 annual fee to Companies House has been made by debit card by DM who will now be reimbursed by PCHG. HMRC have queried the paperwork returned for our NIL Corporation Tax return and this is being addressed by our Accountant. 

DM confirmed that as agreed at the previous meeting, the gala account has been reduced to £2000.00 and that the balance was transferred to the main PCHG account.  This transaction occurred on 07/04/14 and will therefore not appear in the 2013/14 accounts.  Accounts now stand at £4878.32 in the PCHG account and £2000.00 in the Portgordon Gala account.

An account for payment of the annual website fee is still awaited.

4. Damage to East Pier – Update from Crown Estate / Moray Council

DM reported that he had emailed Smiths Gore recently voicing concern at the lack of information being provided by the Crown.  Smiths Gore’s email of 23/04/14 advised that they were still in discussions with Moray Council regarding the contents of their Engineers report.

DM also read out an email that Moray Council had earlier sent to Pringle George dated 03/04/14 in which they advised that they were not able to recommend Council funding  for the repair or maintenance work at the harbour on grounds of substantially reducing flood risk.

Post meeting note – Following the previous public meeting with Smiths Gore held on 25/02/14, it has now been confirmed by Pringle George that a follow up meeting has been arranged for 7.00pm on Monday 26th May and will be co-hosted by R Lochhead MSP.  Smiths Gore and Moray Council have agreed to attend.  The Engineers report and recommendations have also now been made available to PCHG.

5. PCHG Aims & Objectives

Following discussions at the previous meeting MS had circulated a detailed report on 18/04/14 on the Group’s options for change.  MS described 4 possible options as follows:   1. Disband the Group / Company (this option was dismissed at the previous meeting). 2. Continue as per original aims and objectives. 3. Promote the regeneration of the harbour by the Crown (or others), with ownership remaining with the Crown Estate but consider whether management and operation only could come under Community control. 4. Revise the Groups aims and objectives along the lines of “promote the regeneration of the harbour”.  

After lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of options 2, 3 and 4 it was clear that members had preferences for each of the available options at this time and it was agreed that further discussion should be delayed until after the AGM, by which time we will hopefully be aware of the Crowns intentions and can then look at the options again in more detail.

6. Preparation for AGM 21/05/14 & Committee Nominations

DM proposed and it was agreed that the start time for the AGM be changed to 7.00pm as per routine meetings.

DM would prepare a Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports and would present the annual accounts.  The proposed agenda was agreed and the meeting will be advertised in the local press.   Refreshments will be provided on the night.

DM reminded members that the Committee were required to stand down at each AGM but could be available for reselection if agreeable / nominated / elected.  Members were asked to consider the options for Committee membership and it was noted that the Group could fold if Office Bearers could not be found.  It was agreed to look at attracting new members to the AGM through our Facebook and webpages.

MS intimated that he would not wish to stand again for re-election as a Committee member but that he would continue to assist the Group with the website in the meantime until a replacement volunteer is found.  

7. Local Groups Update

1. KG advised that the Lampie Hoose were still progressing their plans for a Community Asset Transfer (CAT).

2. MS gave an update on the website. 

3. LB advised that the harbour could still be used in its current condition if weather conditions are calm.  He also advised that he will be attending a meeting in Spey Bay Hall on 16/06/14 on coastal erosion at which the Crown and Moray Council will be in attendance.   8. A.O.C.B 

It was noted that further planning applications for 9 houses have been submitted by Gemma Campbell.

Next Meeting:  AGM 21/5/14

The meeting closed at 20:30hrs.

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