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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group held on Tuesday 28th January 2014 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.

Present: D Murray (Chairman)
M Smith (Vice Chairman)
K Griffin (Local Groups Representative)
L Brown (Harbour Users Representative)
W McIntosh (Director)
P George
C Hanover
R Lacamp
M Hayward
R Playle
J Mackie
L Bangura

Welcome and Apologies: DM welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly some new guests. Apologies were noted from Councillor M Howe, A Hunter, R Thomson, R Billing.

1. Minutes of previous meeting (24/09/13)

It was noted that the previous meeting (scheduled for 26/11/13) was cancelled therefore members were invited to approve the minutes of the meeting on 24th September 2013. The minutes, which were circulated and posted on the website at that time, were approved.

2. Matters arising

Item 4. Referring to east foreshore development it was noted that 2 further planning applications have now been submitted by Gemma Campbell and that these are likely to come before the Council's planning committee in February.

Item 5. It was noted that following a public meeting in the village hall on 18/09/13 a working group was then formed who took forward the idea of republishing the Portgordon Post. The first edition was published in December and 150 copies were quickly sold. Plans are now in place for a Spring edition.

Item 10. DM reported that he had received a response from Beatrice Offshore Wind Ltd dated 27/09/13 but unfortunately they confirmed that they were unable to help with funding for the harbour project. However they did offer to provide SSE volunteers to support any fundraising activities.

3. Treasurers Report

Acting Treasurer DM confirmed that PCHG account amounted to £2688.58 and the PCHG Gala account stood at £4188.90.

It was agreed by the meeting to continue using C Banks Bookkeeping for our accounts again this year.

4. Storm damage to East Pier on 5th December

DM confirmed that after the storm damage of 5th December he wrote to Crown Estate and Moray Council on 8th December highlighting the Groups concerns. A site meeting followed on 9th December with representatives of Smiths Gore who immediately engaged the services of Halcrow to carry out an assessment of the damage and to consider repair options. An update from Smiths Gore dated 16th January was read out confirming that the Crowns intentions were still unknown as they were still awaiting their Engineers report. It was agreed with Smiths Gore that there was no benefit in Smiths Gore attending PCHG meetings until further information was available.

The Group noted that further damage had occurred since December and discussed the possible outcomes and concerns for the harbour. There was lengthy discussion about how the Group, individual members and other concerned residents could best lobby for repair works to be carried out.

P George offered to highlight PCHG's concerns at the next meeting of Lennox Community Council the following night (29/01/14) and this was agreed to.

J Mackie informed the Group of his plans to form a Charitable Trust to independently review the issues of beach erosion which was a concern to residents of Kingston (and now Portgordon). There was a fear that should the east pier be left to deteriorate then the east foreshore could experience some erosion.

5. Review of PCHG Aims & Objectives / Charitable Status

DM highlighted that the recent storm damage was a major set-back for PCHG and was a severe blow to the harbour users. It was therefore agreed that there was now a need for the Group to re-examine their constitution and MS and DM would prepare a discussion paper for the next meeting looking at options for the way ahead.

6. Committee Vacancies & Structure

As item 5 above it was noted that a review of the Committee structure would take place ahead of the next AGM.

7. Ghurkha Plaque

DM confirmed that he had not as yet approached the Ghurkha's to see whether they would like to be involved with the unveiling of the replica plaque.
After some deliberation the Group decided to put on hold (temporarily) their plans to erect the replica plaque, pending repairs to the east pier.

8. Harbour clean-up / Harbour Improvements

LB and DM gave an update on the issue of the abandoned boat "Endeavour". An unsuccessful attempt had been made by the owners to remove the boat in early December but the boat was now left in a worse condition than before. DM to ask Moray Council & Community Warden for an update.

LB again highlighted that harbour users were prepared to clean up the pier area if PCHG provided a skip. DM noted that PCHG funds were for the regeneration project and were not specifically intended to be used for providing skips. Nevertheless it was agreed that any clean-up of the area would be welcome and this matter should be discussed further at the next meeting. Referral will also be made to the minutes of 30/07/13 when this matter was last discussed at length.

9. Harbour Users Report

There was a general discussion about the impact the east pier damage will have on the harbour users ability to utilise the harbour this year.

10. Portgordon Harbour Raft Race & Gala Day

Regrettably the Group agreed that with current resources and the condition of the harbour it would be impossible to run the gala again this year.

11. Local Groups Update

KG advised that the Lampie Hoose were still progressing their plans for a CAT.

It was noted that the Village Hall had announced that following recent community consultation they had now abandoned their plans to build a new hall at the harbour and were now reviewing plans to refurbish the existing hall.
Some members in attendance noted the low response rate to the consultation and were disappointed that plans for a new build had apparently been rejected.

12. A.O.C.B None

13. Future Meetings: 25/3/14, 29/4/14, AGM 21/5/14

The meeting closed at 20:45hrs.

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