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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group held on Tuesday 29thJuly 2014 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.

Present:         L Brown (Chairman)

                        C Hanover (Vice Chairman)

                        W McIntosh ( Director/ Treasurer)

K Griffin (Local Groups Representative)

J Dunbar (Harbour Users Representative)

D Murray (Director)

K Whittaker (Website Co-ordinator)

A McIntosh ( Member)

Ian ( Member)

Public Attendance

Mr G Brown

Mrs I Brown

Richard Plyle

Welcome and Apologies:  LB welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted from R Billing, M Howe C Lyon, A Clark.

1.    Minutes of previous meeting  (29/04/14)

The minutes of the previous meeting, which were recently circulated and discussed this was agreed that a special determined by meeting to discuss the Group’s Aim and Objectives.

Otherwise, the minutes were proposed by K Griffin and Second by D Murray as an accurate record of the previous meeting. 

2.    Gurkha Plaque

The Chairman informed the committee that a Stonemason has agreed to do the necessary stone work in relation to the new ( replica) Gurkha Plaque. The Plaque is to be sited at the head of the Slip Way adjacent to the notice board and no cost will brought forward to the Group for such work. LB  then suggested that Mr G B rown of MFV Solstice who kindly donated life-rings, and paid the cost of the replica plaque be invited to unveil the plaque. During the proposal it was also suggested that a representative of the Gurkha Regiment also be invited to attend. J Dunbar also noted that he followed up a possibility of having a piper for the occasion. This was in plan for next year with the completion of the repair work of the East Pier.

3.    Coastal Clearance and Harbour Clean-Up

The Chairman thanked everyone who supported the clean-up day, remarking on the good atmosphere amongst those who turned up on the day, and the success of the day as a whole.

4.    Harbour Users Report

J Dunbar reported that the brackets for the two life rings were being made and would be ready soon for installation. He also mentioned the water-weed growing in the Harbour. He also noted that he was in talks with other boat owners of solving the problem and was looking at the possible clogged Arch Way to be unblocked to increase the volume and flow of tidal water in order to get rid of such Water-Weed. J Dunbar also suggested that letters of thanks be sent to Kenny Gunn for the use of First Aid equipment, Reflective Waistcoats and a arry of tools supplied when attending the Coastal Clearance. Margo Howe and family was also to be thanked for the donation of flowers that are assorted in the flower baskets along the Harbour area. He also concluded that Mr and Mrs Brown also be thanked for their support for the fine extensive refreshments supplied on the day of the Coastal Clearance. J Dunbar also put forward in aid to generate fund for the Harbour Group is that we hold a Jumble / Table sale in the village Hall in September this was generally discussed and further plans will be required.

5.    Website Report

K Whittaker informed the Group that he now had full access to the Website, although because of its age there were some anomalies that needed ironing out. D Murray suggested that a letter of thanks and appreciation to be sent to Malcom Smith of his long and hard work going to setting up the Harbour Groups website. This was all agreed by the committee.

6.    Crown Estate / Smiths Gore

C Hanover read out an email from William Hawes of Smiths Gore, Crown Estate agents which stated that the Ink Well Pots currently stowed on the West Pier for the purpose of holding specimen of interest for Macduff Aquarium had to be removed. The email also gave advance notice that all vessels currently birthed along the East side of the Harbour central pier to relocate to other birthing area within the harbour. This was due to work to commence on the 8th September 2014 on the Middle East Pier where a lip has formed and is a potential trip hazard. It is expected that no vehicles should be allowed on the Middle East Pier for a minimum of 2 weeks after work has been carried out to allow the cement to mature. Reference was also made to the erection of signage warning those who would use the Harbour and surrounding area do so at their own risk.

7.    A.O.C.B

W McIntosh raised an issue he had with L Brown concerning a letter he had received from the Crown Estate ordering him to remove his creels and fishing equipment from the central location of the Middle East Pier in readiness for the Coastal Clearance. He believed that the Chairman (L Brown) had acted out with the knowledge of the group’s committee when requesting the Crown Estate to send the letter. He also queried why he the only user to receive such a letter.

L Brown said in response that he had been the only user not to comply with the verbal request to move his creels from the Pier and that as Rats were believed to be habitating under the creels and it was essential they be removed.  Some verbal exchange ensued and D Murray interjected that there was obviously some underlying personal grievances that perhaps needed to be dealt with outwith the group.

W McIntosh and A McIntosh both stood up and took their leave of the committee and group saying “they no long wished to be involved with the group’s activity and that W McIntosh was resigning both as Treasurer and Director. Following their departure C Hanover said it was a sad occasion when personalities clash to this extent.

Richard Plyle raised the issue of restricted access to the lock-ups on the Eastern side of the Harbour Area caused by the repositioning of Boat Trailers from the Central Pier. G Brown informed the meeting that the matter had been resolved and access was no long restricted.

L Brown raised the issue of a need to replace W McIntosh as Treasurer and also Director. There was a discussion on the implication.

D Murray offered to act as Treasurer for the foreseeable future until a permanent replacement could be found. J Dunbar proposed that C Hanover to replace W McIntosh as Director, this was seconded by K Whittaker and accepted by all in attendance. D Murray noted that he would take care of the necessary registration formalities concerning the new directorship.

C Hanover raised a point regarding the matter of receipt of a penalty notice from HMRC for £200.00, for failing to lodge a Tax Return. D Murray explained that the Harbour Group’s Accountant was dealing with the matter and that once everything had been ironed out the penalty will be quashed.

8.    Date of Next Meeting

23rd September 2014

Meeting Closed at 21:00 Hrs

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