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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group held on Tuesday 12th March 2013 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.


R Billing (Honorary President)

D Murray (Chairman)

M Smith (Deputy Vice Chairman & Website Co-ordinator)

K Griffin (Local Groups Representative)

I Legge

K Gunn

R Thomson

Welcome and Apologies:  DM welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised for the confusion caused by the Northern Scot who incorrectly published that the meeting was to be on Monday night.

Apologies were received from L Brown.

  1. Raft Race and Gala Day 2013

DM thanked those in attendance for showing their support for Gala Day but the Group noted the extremely poor response from the community.  It was agreed that the meeting had been well publicised and highlighted the plea for support which was essential if the gala was to make a return this year.  It was also highlighted that previous appeals for assistance had also been made in the past with limited success and that it had been left to only a limited number of members to organise and run the event.

DM summarised the history of the gala, the objectives of the event and the successes of previous galas (in terms of the high level of support on the day and the money raised by local groups and charities). He also confirmed the sound financial position of the gala accounts, the operating costs and the equipment available such as tents, banners, signs etc.

However the Group had lost key individuals in recent years which had left the Group with insufficient resources to plan and run the event.  It was also highlighted that with limited resources the Group had found it impossible in the past to run both the gala and progress the regeneration project (which remains the main aim of the Group).  Some offers to assist on the day of the event were received and this was most welcome but without a current Secretary and a Treasurer, and without a number of others committed to co-ordinating the event, it was considered difficult to resurrect the gala in time for this year.

After a lengthy discussion and debate it was therefore unanimously agreed that this year’s event, scheduled for 14th July, would regrettably have to be cancelled for the 2nd year running.  A press statement will be released by DM advising of this decision and highlighting the disappointing lack of community support.   

  1. Minutes of previous meetings  (15/01/13)

The minutes of the above meeting which were circulated previously and posted on the web were approved. 

  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes. 

  1. Treasurers Report

It was noted that DM is now overseeing the Groups accounts until a new Treasurer was appointed.  It was reported that our account details were as follows, PCHG account £2671.22 and Gala account £4187.23.  It was noted that the previous Secretary and Treasurer have now been removed from the list of approved signatories and that MS is in the process of being added. DM and RB are in the process of liaising with the Royal Bank of Scotland about these changes and the change of address to the Lampie Hoose.

There was discussion on the options for appointing accountancy services for this financial year and the meeting agreed that DM would continue discussions with C Banks Bookeeping Services of Garmouth.

  1. Website Development

MS gave an update on progress with the new website which can be found at www.portgordonharbour.org.uk   Development work is still ongoing but it was noted that the new site looked fresh and exciting and information will be easier to find.  Both the old and new sites will run concurrently until further development work is carried out and the old site expires in 29 days’ time.  Visitor numbers to the site remain high. 

  1. Gurkha Plaque

Prior to the meeting LB had provided a written report on progress with this project and this was read out.  The revised replica plaque was kindly donated and delivered to the meeting by Mr G Brown of the MFV Solstice BF56 along with 2 life belts bearing the Portgordon Harbour name.  The lettering was kindly carried out by Signtech in Buckie. The Group were delighted with these kind donations and there was discussion on the location and stonework to be used for the plinth.  An update on the planned painting of the original plaque was also noted and it was confirmed that a letter had previously been received by the Group from the Ghurkha Regiment approving whatever refurbishment works were considered necessary. The colour of the painting and lettering has still to be confirmed.

  1. Harbour clean-up / Harbour Improvements

A further written report from LB was noted including the proposed painting of the bollards and the disposal (or possible refurbishment) of disused boats.

The build-up of gravel within the harbour channel and at the slipway was once again noted as a major concern.  DM undertook to approach the contractors who removed material previously with the authority of the Crown to see whether the exercise could be repeated.

  1. Fundraising Report  (Major and Local Fundraising)

DM updated the meeting on the availability of funding through the EFF, the CCF and possibly the Scottish Land Fund (as per Covesea Lighthouse’s recent success).  DM’s involvement with the Moray FLAG as PCHG representative continues and he attended a further FLAG meeting on 19/02/13.  Examples of funding already awarded to local groups or companies were noted.

KG offered on behalf of the Lampie Hoose to prepare a quiz sheet which would be sold locally on behalf of PCHG.  The meeting indicted their approval and thanked the Lampie Hoose for this contribution.

It was noted that Moray Council will be running a further Grant Funding Seminar in Elgin Town Hall on 4th April.  DM hoped to attend and further details will be circulated once known. 


  1. Business Plan / Consultation

Due to current lack of resources there has been no progress with the updated Business Plan or on the proposal to carry out further consultation within the village.

10. Reports from Representatives

KG gave an update on plans for the Lampie Hoose refurbishment.

Reports from MS and LB were as noted above.

11. Committee Vacancies

During discussions on the gala item above it was noted that several vacancies remain on the Committee and attempts to fill these vacancies would continue, particularly with the AGM being only a couple of months away.   Anyone just wishing to join the Group and show their support are also encouraged to get in touch via the link on the website.

12. Proposed development of the east foreshore

It was noted that the owner of the foreshore, Ms Gemma Campbell, held a public meeting in the Village Hall on 26th January 2013 during which she outlined her initial proposals for new housing, a café, boat-yard, garages and 3 wind turbines (one of which was to be donated to the community).  There was a general discussion on the proposals and it was noted that no planning application has been submitted as yet.

13. A.O.C.B

It was agreed to hold this year’s AGM on 1st May in the Lampie Hoose and that tea/coffee etc would be provided.

It was also agreed to carry out a mail drop to all properties in the village ahead of the AGM, providing an update on issues such as the gala and regeneration plans and seeking further volunteers.  MS and DM to draft.

14. Future Meetings:

Next PCHG Meeting:  Tuesday 16/4/13

Anyone with an interest in our plans for the harbour are welcome to come along to our committee meetings.

PCHG AGM: Wednesday 1/5/13

All meetings in the Lampie Hoose at 7.00pm except AGM (7.30pm)


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