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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group held on Tuesday 24th September 2013 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.

Present: D Murray (Chairman)
K Griffin (Local Groups Representative)
L Brown (Harbour Users Representative)
W McIntosh (Director)
Councillor Margo Howe

Welcome and Apologies: DM welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted from M Smith, R Thomson, A Hunter, P George.

1. Minutes of previous meetings (30/07/13)

The minutes of the above meeting, which were circulated on 18/8/13 and posted on the web, were approved.

2. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

3. Treasurers Report

DM confirmed that the annual accounts had now been lodged with CH and OSCR and details could be viewed on their websites.

As agreed previously, a donation and letter of thanks has been sent to the Lampie Hoose for the use of the meeting room.

There has been no other changes with the accounts since the last meeting.

4. Proposed development of the east foreshore

It was noted that following the last meeting PCHG had lodged objections to the 2 planning applications lodged by the owner of the foreshore, Ms Gemma Campbell. However both applications had since been withdrawn but further amended applications are now anticipated.

5. Portgordon Community Ltd

DM and KG provided feedback on the public meeting organised by the Save Portgordon Beach campaign which was held on 18th September in the Village Hall. It was felt that many of the 55 attendees at the meeting were supportive of the idea of forming a village association or trust that could help galvanise all the collective efforts of the various groups. PCHG feel that such a group should include representatives from all the local groups. PCHG noted that there was likely to be various competing priorities for such a group to consider. It was noted that a working group was being formed to take the group forward. DM confirmed that PCHG had been asked to send a representative to the working group meetings and it was agreed that this invitation should be accepted with the PCHG representative tbc in due course. The date of the first working group meeting has still to be confirmed but was being scheduled for w/c 21st October.

6. Committee Vacancies

It was noted that D Kippen had resigned as a Director and as a member of PCHG. It was also noted that A Hunter had stood down as Assistant Secretary. The Group also remained without a Treasurer and all the vacancies continue to be a concern.

7. Ghurkha Plaque

LB reported that he had done some work preparing the plaque with a frame and protective cover and that a builder had been identified for the plinth masonry works which will be similar to the main interpretation panel. The plinth may be constructed over the winter with the plaque erected in the spring ahead of an official unveiling. It was agreed that an approach should be made to the Ghurkha's (either serving or those involved in the restoration works) to see whether they would like to be involved with the unveiling ceremony (action DM).

8. Harbour clean-up / Harbour Improvements

It was noted that after the previous meeting Cllr Howe had approached Moray Council to see whether they could intervene in the issue of unsafe boats abandoned on the middle pier. The Community Warden has since tracked down the owners of the 4 boats and on 10th September formal notices were posted on the boats and delivered to the owners requiring them to remove their boats within 28 days. DM and Cllr Howe met with the Warden on 14th September to discuss the issues and it was agreed that the Crown should be asked to provide guidelines to other boat owners on the winter storage of boats on the pier. It was noted that a fly tipping issue was also under investigation by the Warden. The abandoned boats issue had also recently been highlighted on the PCHG website.

It was noted that 1 boat had already been removed from the middle pier and that the owner of another boat had agreed a plan of action with the Estate for the refurbishment and sale of another over the winter. A boat had also been removed from the area adjacent to the garages. Post meeting note: a further boat has since been removed from the middle pier which only leaves the Endeavour to be disposed of.

9. Harbour Users Report

LB advised that no progress had been made securing a contractor to carry out the removal of stones from the harbour and this issue is now likely to be carried over until next spring.

DM advised that he had written to the Crown on 21st August seeking approval for the various improvement works but a reply was still awaited.

10. A.O.C.B

MS provided a written report on the website.

Website: There are now thirty-two pages on the website. Since our last meeting the harbour user's page has been updated with pictures and text, in particular highlighting the concerns about safety of apparently abandoned boats. If harbour users can feed more information in then this will be accommodated. The most popular page is the Latest News page and we need to make better use of this. The Future booklet produced in 2008 (now in digital form) is the fourth most popular page. The magnifying feature which should cost us £15 will be used more. The fee has been waived by the developer which is a fine gesture. In summary there is a long way to go to fully populate the site but it seems to be working well.
Facebook: The articles and photos on Facebook gave some interesting feedback.
Twitter: Placing information on Twitter always results in a surge to the promoted page/s and this remains a useful funnel to get visitors to the main site.

KG advised that the Lampie Hoose were still considering the possibility of a Community Asset Transfer.

DM advised that he had written to SSE Ltd regarding their proposed offshore windfarm proposals and proposed works immediately west of the village.

DM noted that the gala equipment currently in storage may need to be relocated to another area of the garage and that further discussions with the owner and new tenant was necessary.

It was also noted that the deadline for Community Council nominations was 26th September.

11. Future Meetings:

Next PCHG Meetings: 26/11/13, 28/1/14, 25/3/14, 29/4/14, AGM 21/5/14 (all meetings at 7.00pm in Lampie Hoose except AGM 7.30pm)

The meeting closed at 20:45hrs.



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