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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group Committee held on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.

Present: R Billing (Honorary President) D Murray (Chairman) M Smith (Deputy Vice Chairman & Website Co-ordinator) L Brown (Harbour Users Representative) K Griffin (Local Groups Representative) A Hunter W McIntosh

Welcome and Apologies:  DM welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies were received from S Ketteringham, J Padgett, G Farquhar

1. Minutes of previous meetings  (08/11/12)

The minutes of the above meeting which were circulated previously and posted on the web were approved. 

2. Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes. 

3. PCHG Business Matters

DM confirmed that clarification is still required on the position of Directors and it was reiterated that consideration would be given to the appointment of further Director(s) from the Group’s membership. 

DM confirmed that Companies House and OSCR had noted the change of address to the Lampie Hoose and of the change to the main point of contact to that of the current Chairman.

It was noted that a replacement Secretary and Treasurer had still to be appointed but in the meantime N McGuile had kindly agreed to continue overseeing the Groups accounts until a new Treasurer was appointed.  A report from NMcG dated 12/1/13 was noted indicating that our account details were as follows, PCHG account £2711.42 and Gala account £4187.23.  It was agreed that the previous Secretary and Treasurer would be removed from the list of approved signatories and that MS would be added. DM will notify the Royal Bank of Scotland of these changes and the change of address.

There was discussion on the options for appointing accountancy services for this year and further consideration will be given to this ahead of the next meeting in March.

4. Website Development

MS gave an update on progress with the new website which can be found at www.portgordonharbour.org.uk   Development work is still ongoing but it was noted that the new site looked fresh and exciting and information will be easier to find.  Both the old and new sites will run concurrently until further development work is carried out and users get used to finding the new site.  

5. Gurkha Plaque

Following the previous meeting AH obtained an estimate from Ian Gordon of Moray Blast Cleaning Services for refurbishing the existing plaque i.e. shotblasting, priming and painting.  MBCS would not be able to carry out the works until April.  However LB offered to arrange cleaning and painting the existing plaque and it was agreed to proceed with this in the spring in the meantime.  LB provided a sample replica plaque fabricated by Signtech and it was agreed that with minor amendments this type of replica would be acceptable. LB confirmed that the cost of the plaque and the plinth would be kindly donated by Mr G Brown of the MFV Solstice BF56.  There was discussion on the preferred locations for the plaque and it was agreed that we would proceed on the basis of MS’s original plan and outline design (as published on the web).  DM would notify the Crown of the proposals which would be carried out in the spring.   MS will bring a further report back to Committee as necessary.  See website for more details.

6. Harbour clean-up / Harbour Improvements / Consultation on website

It was noted that there has been progress in tidying up the disused creels on the middle pier and that further work is planned.  It was agreed that an approach will now be made to the owners of the disused boats on the pier and DM and LB will consider drafting a notice/letter to the owners requesting that their boats be removed.

LB confirmed the generous offer from the owners of the fishing vessel, the Solstice, to provide life belts and assist with the procurement of ladders and moorings.  The Committee again noted their appreciation of this offer.  MS has make enquiries into the provision of wooden bench seating with the Criminal Justice Team based in Elgin and further consideration will be given to this matter.    7. Fundraising Report  / Gala 2013 / European Fisheries Fund / Moray FLAG  / Coastal Communities Fund

RB, MS and DM manned the PCHG stall at the Community Fayre in the Village Hall on 17/11/12 and the event was considered a success with a lot of interest shown in the harbour project, some new members being recruited and the sum of £72 being raised by way of a raffle and a guess the whisky competition.

The difficulties in trying to reintroduce the gala in 2013 due to our limited resources were once again discussed.  It was reiterated that increased assistance from the community would be essential if the gala was to return in 2013.  It was agreed to make an appeal through the press for anyone wishing to get involved to attend our next meeting on 12th March 2012.  A decision on whether to progress with the gala will be taken at this meeting. 

DM updated the meeting on the availability of funding through the EFF and CCF and on his ongoing involvement with the Moray FLAG as PCHG representative.  DM attended a FLAG meeting on 27/11/12 and the next meeting is scheduled for 19/02/13.  Examples of funding already awarded to local groups or companies were noted.   8. Business Plan / Consultation

Due to current lack of resources there has been no progress with the updated Business Plan or on the proposal to carry out further consultation within the village.

9. Reports from Representatives

MS gave an update on the current visitor numbers to the website which continue to grow at a fantastic rate.  .

LB and WMcI indicated that at this time of year there were no major issues from the harbour user’s perspective. DM indicated that he had been approached last week by someone seeking a berth but after explaining the current situation referred them to the harbour owners.  The possibility of carrying out further dredging of gravel from the channel in the spring was not ruled out if a home for the material could be found.   RB undertook to contact the previous contractor who carried out this work last year.   

10. Moray Firth Partnership

DM confirmed that he had renewed and updated our membership of the above organisation.

11. Committee Vacancies

It was noted that several vacancies remain on the Committee and attempts to fill these vacancies would continue.   Anyone just wishing to join the Group and show their support are also encouraged to get in touch.

12. A.O.C.B

DM reported on the meeting held on 16/11/12 with Mr Simon Chalk and Ms Gemma Campbell, owners of the foreshore between March Street and the Gollachy Burn.  Also attending the meeting were other community representatives including Lennox Community Council and the Village Hall.  The meeting was arranged to exchange initial views and ideas concerning the harbour area and the land to the east.

DM also advised the meeting that a public meeting had now been arranged for the Village Hall at 11.00am on 26th January during which Ms Gemma Campbell and her Architect would outline their initial ideas for the area and seek the views of the community.        

13. Future Meetings:

Committee Meetings:  Tuesdays 12/3/13, 16/4/13

Anyone with an interest in our plans for the harbour or the gala are welcome to come along to our committee meetings.

Fundraising Sub-Committee & Gala Sub-Committee: tbc

AGM: 1/5/13

All meetings in the Lampie Hoose at 7.00pm except AGM (7.30pm)


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