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Minutes of the meeting of the Portgordon Community Harbour Group held on Tuesday 16th April 2013 at 7.00pm at the Lampie Hoose, Portgordon.


D Murray (Chairman) M Smith (Deputy Vice Chairman & Website Co-ordinator) L Brown (Harbour Users Representative)

Welcome and Apologies:  DM welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted apologies were received from R Billing and D Smith.

  1. Minutes of previous meetings  (12/03/13)

The minutes of the above meeting, which were circulated previously and posted on the web, were approved. 

  1. Matters arising

It was confirmed that the Group hoped to circulate a small leaflet throughout the village ahead of the forthcoming AGM.

The limited response to the announcement last month that this year’s gala would be cancelled was noted. 

  1. AGM

It was noted that the Village Hall has recently announced that their AGM would be on 1st May (clashing with the PCHG AGM).  It was agreed that the date of our AGM would be put back to Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at 7.30pm in the Lampie Hoose.

The need for annual reports from the Chairman and (acting) Treasurer and from the appointed accountant was noted. 

The new date for the AGM will be publicised on the web and the notice boards along with a call for nominations for Committee positions.  

  1. Treasurers Report

It was noted that DM is overseeing the Groups accounts until a new Treasurer was appointed.  The account details (PCHG and Gala) were confirmed with little change from the previous meeting. DM would be arranging to make the annual returns to Companies House and OSCR.

It was agreed that a donation would be made to the Lampie Hoose as per previous years for the use of the building for meetings etc.

  1. Website Development

MS confirmed that the old website, which has served us well over many years, had now gone but that he had arranged for a link from the old site www.portgordonharbour.org to the new site www.portgordonharbour.org.uk to be available.  To avoid confusion the old site address will continue to be used on letterheads etc.  Development work will continue, transferring information from the old to the new site over the coming weeks and months. Visitor numbers are expected to take a dip in the short term only.    6. Gurkha Plaque

Immediately after the meeting a site visit was undertaken and the location of the plaque (between the notice board and the life belt) was agreed.  Options for the stone plinth were also agreed and DM to consider a possible builder.

An update on the planned painting of the original plaque was discussed and it was agreed that the colour of the paint to be used would be gold lettering (or silver) on a black background.

  1. Harbour clean-up / Harbour Improvements

A date has still to be confirmed for the proposed painting of the bollards.  It was agreed to approach the Crown regarding the planned disposal of 2 abandoned boats on the pier.  PCHG would post appropriate 28 day advanced notices advising of the plans.

The build-up of gravel within the harbour channel and at the slipway was once again noted as a major concern.  Following the meeting DM discussed this issue with the previous contractor who will give consideration to repeating the exercise carried out in 2011 (subject to Crown Estate approval).

Consideration is still being given to providing further seating and barrels for planting to enhance the harbour area. LB also proposed that we consider erecting some appropriate harbour Health & Safety warning signs around the piers.   8. Fundraising Report  (Major and Local Fundraising)

DM reported on the Fundraising Seminar he attended on behalf of the Group at Elgin Town Hall on 4th April.  As always, funders such as the BIG Lottery and Heritage Lottery provided encouraging information on the potential funding sources available.   It was noted that the next stage 1 deadline for funding applications to the Coastal Communities Fund was fast approaching (26th April).

It was noted that KG had prepared a word quiz sheet which was being sold at the Keystore and elsewhere with a closing date of 12th May.

It was agreed that PCHG would have a stall at the Village Hall’s Community Fayre event being held on 20th April.  MS and DM to attend.

  1. Reports from Representatives

Reports from MS and LB were as noted above.    10. Village Hall AGM (1ST May)

It was noted with concern that the Village Hall had recently announced that unless a new committee can be formed at their AGM there was a real risk that the Village Hall would have to be dissolved.  It was agreed that after all the progress that has been made in the last couple of years with the plans for a new hall at the harbour, it would be deeply disappointing if a new committee could not be formed.  PCHG would encourage anyone wanting to maintain the good progress with this exciting project to go along to the Hall AGM.

  1. Proposed development of the east foreshore

It was noted that the owner of the foreshore, Ms Gemma Campbell, had recently advised that she was dropping the plans for 3 wind turbines and may now consider solar panels instead.  Plans for new housing, a café, boat-yard and garages are still under consideration but it was noted that no planning application had been submitted as yet.   12. A.O.C.B

It was agreed that it would be helpful to boat owners and others to regularly post tide tables on the harbour notice board.

  1. Future Meetings:

Next PCHG Meeting:  AGM Wednesday 22/5/13 (7.30pm in Lampie Hoose)

Anyone with an interest in our plans for the harbour are welcome to come along to any of our meetings.

 Dates for future meetings would be confirmed at the AGM.

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