Gala Day 2014

At our recent committee meeting it was decided that Portgordon Community Harbour Group will not be holding a Gala Day this year.

Whilst the Group took this decision with some reluctance our past experience in running the event made it clear that we do not have enough committee members or organising volunteers to proceed.

It is uncertain if the Group will hold Gala's in the future and perhaps this is the time to reflect on past success regarding the Raft Race and Gala Days. Some of you will recall the original plan was to hold a Gala Day in 2004 to highlight the harbour and make folk aware of what the group was about. It was so successful that the decision was taken to run it again in 2005 and from then on  it became an annual event. It was generally agreed that year on year the event improved and offered more for all. Only the weather changed things on occasions and even then we managed, despite what nature threw at us.

We have to say a very big thanks to villagers and our surrounding community for incredible support during the events. Whatever the weather the crowds turned up. What started as publicity for the Harbour Group and its aim became more of a family day out with much on offer for the children. However it wasn't just for the kids it was for everyone, young and not so young.

The memories of the Gala days will linger for many a year and we say a big thank you to our many wonderful sponsors and those that helped us on the day also, not forgetting our neighbours close to the Gala site who frankly had to put up with some of the chaos we caused during the event.

Thank you everyone you have been brilliant!


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