A message from the chairman

It seems a long time ago that our small group began its journey towards regeneration of the harbour area. We have achieved a lot in the time from inception until the present day including publishing a comprehensive feasibility study and a detailed business plan. Of course, there is some way to go but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Our small but dedicated team has had its motives questioned and its spirit tested, yet continues to move forward, clear in the knowledge that undertaking this challenge is the right thing to do, for it will ultimately bring about a marked improvement to the village and in so doing will enhance the area for the benefit of all. The works done to date have paved the way for the future

We recently received a most encouraging letter from Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who is extremely supportive of our venture. He also made mention of the huge growth in sailing as a sport and leisure activity, now the third largest sport in terms of participation in the United Kingdom. It’s nice to know that someone so well respected and busy can spare time to write to us in such a positive way.

Sir Robin also added “Wherever a Marina has been developed, a number of local jobs are created. These spread beyond those required to manage the Marina itself into support services for boats and facilities used by visitors. It becomes a valuable addition to the local community”

We started with nothing but commitment. We have a lot of support. We want to build on this. In publishing this booklet we are explaining what we are about, where we are at the moment and finally where we intend to be in the future

Potential funders of this project will want us to demonstrate a high level of community support within the village. We would therefore urge everyone in the village to become a member of Portgordon Community Harbour Group . If you do this you will strengthen our bids for funding. Further details on becoming a member are included later in this booklet.

The time is right. The demand is there. Please support the regeneration project. It’s your village, your future.

Thank you,

Ron Billing

Chairman – Portgordon Community Harbour Group Ltd July 2008

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