Portgordon harbour is showing signs of neglect, without maintenance it will go into decline, it is inevitable. The unknown factor is when, of course it’s impossible to give an estimation of this since the strongest player is likely to be the weather. Nevertheless there are choices; some of these would be challenging, one in particular, regeneration!

This major challenge has been met head on………………. In 2003 villagers met at a packed public meeting in the Village Hall to discuss the state of the harbour and undertook to make changes that would take it from its neglected state into something worthwhile and at the same time benefit the community.

A small team formed Portgordon Community Harbour Group Ltd and embarked on a long, but worthwhile, journey with the intention of taking over the harbour from its current owners, Crown Estates. This is well documented and the efforts they have made are generally known locally. However, despite a number of meetings and reports to the community via the media and village hall meetings there remains some doubt as to what is happening and when.

There is the possibility and danger, that without meaningful information being made available the project may seem to be standing still or even abandoned, this is not the case at all.

There is a need to provide more information in a better way. That is why the Group has a dedicated website, but of course this is only one line of communication and we understand not everyone has access to this medium.

The management team feel it necessary to deliver the message that the Group is active and moving forward with its stated aim of creating a Marina, combining pontoons with ramp access and security, which will provide approximately 60 berths, comprising working boats, day boats and yachts. The plan is to achieve this within five years

This booklet has been produced to meet the Groups needs and is being hand delivered to each household within the community.

A number of copies will be available for other interested parties.

We do hope this booklet will answer any questions that you may have and that you will support our aims. The Group is always pleased to answer any questions and can be contacted via the website “” or by way of information links on the harbour notice board

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