In looking to the future we also must remember bygone days and with this in mind our club house/training centre/meeting room will feature some of the past in the form of artefacts, pictures/photographs and writings invoking memories of times gone by for future generations to enjoy, understand and appreciate.

No one should forget the benefits the fishing industry brought to Scotland. Fishing was vital in economic terms to the well being of the Nation. Portgordon played its part, at one time as many as one hundred fishing boats could be using the harbour, in addition, there were regular visits by cargo vessels – it was a thriving port.

Portgordon was considered a centre of excellence for boatbuilding and built many fine craft with its skilled workforce. Perhaps the most notable vessels to be built in the village were the Steam Drifters – for the first time fishermen were not reliant on the wind alone, they also brought a degree of comfort with the enclosed cabin area that must surely have been welcomed by the hard working crews of the day.

We should remind ourselves and future generations of the high price that fishermen paid. Prior to the arrival of ‘Drifters’ conditions were poor and whilst the sea could be both cruel and kind, loss of life was a common occurrence. Even today fishing can be a dangerous occupation as we all know only too well

A moving and apt quote from Sir Walter Scott really says it all.

“It’s not fish yer buyin – it’s men’s lives”

Let us also remember the founder of the village, Alexander 4th Duke of Gordon who also raised that most famous of regiments, feared and respected throughout the world – The Gordon Highlanders.

This venture will be an ideal platform to launch the next chapter that will one day be history.

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