History to date including milestone events

Date/Event 1797 Village founded by Alexander 4th Duke of Gordon

1797 1st Harbour built

1854 Portgordon Harbour Act formed

1870 - 1874 Harbour rebuilt & extended

1935 Ownership transfers to the Crown Estate

1947 Harbour closed as a port

1985 Gurkhas carried out major repairs to breach on west pier

1987 Gurkhas carried out repairs to west pier and breakwaters

1988 Gurkhas constructed new slipway

April 2003 Group formed to regenerate the Harbour

December 2003 First New Years Eve Dance

July 2004 First Gala Day, plaque unveiled & seating provided

November 2004 Feasibility study commenced

April 2005 Feasibility Study published

July 2005 Group becomes a Limited Company

July 2005 Second Gala Day

April 2006 Website launched

July 2006 Third Gala Day

January 2007 Business Plan commenced

July 2007 Fourth Gala Day

October 2007 Business Plan completed and submitted

December 2007 Business Plan approved (in principle)

April 2008 Group Committee re-structured

The above are for general information only

All listings are considered key events in the progress of the village and the Groups activities to date.

If you have access to the internet our website is updated on a regular basis – visit “www.portgordonharbour.org”

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