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What will this proposed regeneration cost members of the community financially?

Other than occasionally choosing to contribute on a voluntary basis at local fundraising events the project will cost you nothing. Capital costs for the regeneration will be funded from grants. Portgordon Community Harbour Group Ltd. will be a charitable organisation with limited liability status. Everyone is working to make this an asset.

I am not opposed to the scheme but I am opposed to paying for it?

The answer to the question above applies. We understand there may be doubts but what we are aiming for will not place a financial burden on any individual in the village. To suggest villagers will have to pay for this scheme is wrong and unhelpful – what we need from the village is support. We are trying to improve things. We are all on the same side.

When will we see changes taking place?

The Group has already made cosmetic changes, however the major part of the scheme depends on finance and that is the Groups focus at present – it all takes time and Office Bearers, although committed, cannot work full time on the project.

I don’t own boat nor do I intend to. Where is the benefit for me?

Portgordon Harbour has been closed for 60 years and has been in decline for most of this time. There seems little prospect of the current owners developing the area. Portgordon Community Harbour Group aim to take over control of the harbour and regenerate the area for the benefit of everyone in the village. The harbour would be owned and operated by the community - for the community.

To go further the group would expect more visitors who in turn may well make use of the current traders in the village thereby adding to their business needs; remember they operate in a commercial world that can only benefit from more trade. If they benefit so should we all. There is also the prospect of creating local jobs as the marina develops. This would all help the local economy. It isn’t just about money – take a look down the road at Findochty, see the people wandering round enjoying the harbour – it just adds life to the area

Will you achieve charitable status?

Yes, provided we can demonstrate our capabilities in meeting the requirements to obtain this.

Will you get Lottery Funding?

We shall be applying for it. Clearly a lot of the money needed for this scheme will take the form of a grant or grants, the Lottery fund being one source. We are working toward this. In addition local funding from Raft Race & Gala Day, New Years Eve Dance and Tombola all generate funds and publicity for the Group and we continue looking at ways to expand our revenue streams

Can you give a date when it will all be finished?

In short No – this is one of the most frequently asked questions, understandably so, however the Group has examined this aspect closely and it would be unfair to speculate because there are so many variables involved. What we can say is we are making progress

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